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Benefits of eating eggs during breakfast | NyimboZote

 The following are the benefits of eating eggs at breakfast;

1. Takes care of the grain
The proteins contained in the eggs make you feel hungry in advance. It means that if you eat eggs you can stay longer without eating compared to breads or other wheat foods.

2. Helps lose weight
Eating eggs helps to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs have successfully reduced their body weight compared to those who do not.

3. Eggs are reasonably priced
Compared to other protein foods such as meat, eggs are much cheaper. Thus, eggs can be obtained and prepared easier during breakfast than in other foods.

4. Eggs are a great source of protein
As I said earlier, eggs contain a large amount of protein needed to build our bodies. So it is best to eat eggs in the morning at breakfast to get these supplements.

Remember this is equivalent to saying that all the essential amino acids we need in the diet are found in eggs.

5. Eggs do not increase cholesterol
It is evident that the eggs have a certain degree of emission. But a recent study has revealed that the liquid contained in eggs eaten does not have an effect on the level of the blood in the blood. So there is no need to worry about cardiovascular disease.

6. Helps brain growth and memory capacity
The nutrient called "Choline" found in eggs is vital for brain growth and development. It is also involved in increasing the memory capacity of the brain.

7. Protects the eyes
The leutin and zeaxanthin chemicals found in eggs are believed to protect the eyes against the effects of harmful radiation. It is also believed that they prevent the occurrence of an eye disorder in old age.

Remember your health is very important. Take care of your health by focusing on a healthy, balanced diet. Remember that you cannot be productive in your activities without being healthy. Change your perspective today; look for eggs and eat for your health.

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