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NyimboZote ||| The easiest way to lose body fat is to lose weight

 Everyone is wondering how to get rid of fat in the womb, whether the stomach is in the middle or if the sperm has come out. With a fat body with a lot of fat it is difficult to see a satisfactory result in exercise alone, as fifty percent of the body fat is stored under the skin, and the rest of the amount is absorbed into the muscles. Exercise alone can't get rid of that fat in the body. 

An obese person who does abdominal exercises cannot see the results, even if he repeats the exercise hundreds of times a day, what will happen is he will end up in his abdominal muscles but will not be able to see the results because the stomach will still be surrounded by fat. 

How to reduce fat in the body;
There is a saying that, as a result of practice you need. With good and quick results this method produces the best results Unlike the only exercise where you may actually be fat burning but you cannot burn fat enough for a day to show the good results of the exercise you are doing. 

But in a way that will give you long-term results most of the time is a long-term exercise, and these results I call a long-term exercise because that exercise will make you better able to change your lifestyle and take care of your body with respect.

Route 70 to 30 gives good results because 70 percent of body fat loss is done by the diets to check what to eat and what to eliminate completely from your daily diet. However looking at a diary alone cannot give you good results, since various scientific studies on body fat have shown that you can't lose fat in a single day and get a body that is attractive without doing any type of exercise, if you want to lose weight in order and gravity must also include physical exercise. 

The main way to reduce fat through diets is to plan your meals for the day;
You must know in what circumstances your diet will be organized, for example, rather than eating unhealthy, you should plan your meals in moderation, if you are accustomed to filling your stomach at eating, try to reduce your diet by eliminating hunger by giving the body just the nutrients it needs, and you can eat three to five meals a day and not exceed them. 

Make sure you eat a full meal except by making sure you do not have sugary foods, and be careful not to skip fast foods such as treats, snacks and other related foods, consider eating whole foods with your protein intake and preferably eating vegetables.

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