community health, - How to get rid of hurtful or sad thoughts

 community health, - How to get rid of hurtful or sad thoughts

How to get rid of hurtful or sad thoughts

LET'S start by considering some of the sad news, which most of us face every day of our lives. From today you have been fired 0 3 I have decided to leave. Your father died this morning.
Your son has died. Of course this kind of information is sad and the question remains what should we do when we have this kind of thinking?
The fact is, when bad thoughts enter your mind, you can't stop them, but some people still spend a lot of time grieving over a problem that could probably be solved in a few hours and the person being free.
There are people among us who can grasp the thought of being abandoned by their loved ones for five years in a row, while others spend many months overcoming the grief caused by parental insults, insults by the boss, loss in business, failing exams and so on.
This means that few of us know how to deal with negative thoughts and overcome them. Focusing on the importance of maintaining our happiness in life, I have found it helpful to teach them the steps to overcome the painful thoughts that come with sad events.
FIRST: When a person finds himself in a state of mental anguish, he should begin by first correcting his emotions by dealing with the respiratory system. When you receive a bad report, the heart throbs and makes you run, so to get it back to normal you need to inhale and exhale slowly. This step will help to restore the heartbeat to its normal state.
SECOND: After the exercise, the traumatized person should force himself to smile regularly, even if he is unable to do so at the time due to an incident that brought him bad thoughts. Smiling helps to rejuvenate the mind, although it may take some time to return to normal, but experts say that it helps to rekindle feelings of joy that have been plagued by negative thoughts.
THREE: Under normal circumstances when negative thoughts come to mind you find other thoughts in your mind and get rid of them, and then itself take action to control the mind, you are advised after taking the thoughts to take action to recall the thoughts that were before you were attacked. The goal is to find cheap and refreshing ideas.
FOUR: If you yourself can't be happy after taking these steps, help others around you to be happy.
For example, when you are in trouble and you cry, take responsibility for calming your friends and giving them comfort. Shut up, God's work is flawless, and in doing so you will be helping yourself to get rid of the thoughts of the tragedy that made you cry so much.
FIVE: When most people have hurt feelings they think the responsibility of compassion lies in the hands of other people. Since the tragedy, my brother has not even come to apologize.
When this kind of thoughts are added to the head, grief is doubled, so it is the responsibility of the person to feel sorry for himself and to ask himself what is the end of the unending grief if not his death?
SIX: After losing happiness, another important thing is to take care of your body by eating good food, drinking water and treating yourself if your mind has stopped headaches or body aches! But surprisingly, many people have a preconceived notion of eating, which weakens their health and adds to their problems.
SEVEN: Another way to deal with hurtful thoughts is to reduce anger over other people. Under normal circumstances most cases are caused by people, getting angry at someone who betrayed you, bankrupted you, bewitched you is another great punishment you give yourself, well you become a forgiving person.
EIGHT: When you have painful thoughts and later manage to stop them do not try to repeat them, but most people who are hurt by certain things are very good at keeping them in their minds and repeating them over and over again, which makes them hurt for those thoughts for a long time without rest. It's happened, it's gone, don't let it go and don't let your mind go back to it.
NINE: If you have had hurt thoughts for a long time, because you failed a test or failed to do something, someone annoyed you, let's change those thoughts of failure and think of winning in the near future.
TEN: There are some sad things that happen to us unexpectedly and thus bring us thoughts. The only way to avoid this type of thinking is to accept it.
When most of us die for example we do not accept what happened, the result is a long-term injury. When you have a problem, first accept it and then take steps to overcome it.
ELEVEN: When stress strikes you, you should sometimes take steps to relax in a quiet place, including sleep if possible. This step will help you to relax your body and mind enough to give you the strength to deal with the problem.
You are not advised to take action when you are under a lot of stress. If someone has offended you, leave him alone and go and relax, tomorrow you will find yourself empowered to ignore him and leave him completely.
TWELVE: Sometimes knowing the cause of the problem is important and that it reduces stress. So when you have something that irritates your mind, try to find the source, it is possible that the information that hurts you may not be accurate.
THIRTEEN: When many people experience problems that plunge them into negative thoughts they are unwilling to pay the costs to end them, as a result they remain depressed. For example, a debtor, his plaintiff followed him and offered him abusive language, which is strange the debtor instead of committing himself to make sure he pays the debt in order to redeem himself remains remorseful. When you have a problem, send it to work.
Thank you.
Source: psychology textbook

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