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NyimboZote - Faida za tangawizi 48 BENEFITS OF GINGER

 NyimboZote - Faida za tangawizi 48 BENEFITS OF GINGER


The 48 Benefits of Ginger Juice that You Did Not Know yet

It always amazes me when I reflect on the greatness of God in the way He has given us various plants that are essential for our health - Genesis 1:29. The following information about ginger will give you knowledge of another natural plant that has no chemical effects and will help your body to be healthy and pleasing.

New studies are increasingly showing how important this plant is to human health including its ability to cope with various types of cancer in the body and other studies are ongoing.

Ginger can be added to almost every meal, whether it be to soften red meat, add flavor to meat or fish, such as tea, juices and so on. Personally I would like if in fruit juice it is the sweetest and it is going to work in the body faster.

Ginger is a commercial crop and it is easy to get out of life if you decide to grow ginger even though it is a multi-month crop but if you persevere you will only eat duck, one sack sells for between 3 and 6 lakh during the good season.

Ginger was first listed by the US government as a medicine for humans between 1820 and 1873.

Ginger is also added to many industrial drinks including soda to get a better taste.

Today I brought you this ginger juice, I used four medium-sized raw ginger, one avocado and seven teaspoons of raw honey and one and a half liters of water. You can make more and store it in the fridge, the key is ginger.

Drink a glass 1 (quarter liter) 2 and the child was found three years to 11 years found time to drink a glass 1 1.

Working 48 ginger body

1. removes toxins from the body very quickly

2. Kills bacteria salmonella Poly implanted into the body to even on the skin

3. There are two natural antibiotics in ginger

4. It removes inflammation in the body

5. Removes congestion in the lungs

6. Ginger contains 'zingibain' which kills various pathogens and its eggs

7. It relieves sore throat

8. It kills the flu virus

9. It removes various pains in the body

10. It removes fever and chills

11. It treats testicular cancer. Ginger kills the enzyme that is the food of the prostate cancer cells called '5-LO enzymes' and those cancer cells die within two or four hours without the enzyme.

12. Ginger contains a very important nutrient that inhibits the growth of pancreatic cancer cells technically called 'gingerol'

13. It treats cancer that can be caused by long-term constipation (constipation-related cancer)

14. It is a good remedy for cancer blood (leukemia)

15. It is a good remedy against lung cancer (lung cancer)

16. It prevents the reproduction of bacteria called 'Helicobacter pylori', this bacterium is the cause of stomach ulcers in the body, it also treats heartburn, and various stomach cancers

17. It is very helpful in preventing and treating breast cancer

18. It treats cervical cancer and cancer of the fallopian tubes

19. Increases blood pressure

20. Helps prevent heart attack

21. Prevents blood clotting

22. Reduces cholesterol

23. Clears blood

24. Helps people with arterial obstruction

25. Treats high blood pressure

26. Cleanses the large intestine

27. Reduces shock to the large intestine and stomach rumble


29. Helps the digestive system

30. A good remedy for fatigue

31. Helps prevent vomiting. Helps even those who travel by sea to avoid nausea

32. Helps relieve pain from a single posture or standing or sitting

33. Helps the production of digestive juices for digestion

34. Helps prevent diarrhea

35. Helps respiratory system and soothe the symptoms of asthma

36. It treats foot problems

37. It treats headaches

38. It treats abdominal pain during menstruation

39. It treats morning fever even for pregnant women

40. Helps reduce rheumatism (helps reduce inflammation of arthritis)

41. Promotes kidney health

42. Helps reduce fatigue caused by previous radiation treatment

43. Contains sufficient potassium

44. Contains manganese mineral which is important in boosting the body's immune system against various diseases.

45. It contains a substance called 'silicon' whose main function is to improve the health of the skin, hair, teeth and nails

46. ​​It helps digestion of calcium

47. It also contains vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, iron , zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, and beta-carotene

48. Protects the walls of the heart, protects blood vessels and arteries where urine passes

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