Conor McGregor-Michael Chandler UFC 303 battle has 'incredible positive thinking' after odd public interview cancelation

 Conor McGregor-Michael Chandler UFC 303 battle has 'incredible positive thinking' after odd public interview cancelation

The UFC 303 welterweight session between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler gave off an impression of being in a coma after a Dublin question and answer session was incredibly dropped Monday morning on only 12 hours' notification, yet the June 29 headliner shows up as though it's still on target.

"There is incredible energy that this battle is proceeding," Ariel Helwani wrote about "The MMA Hour" Wednesday. "The energies on Sunday were very befuddled; the energies on Monday were cynical."

Many asked why the occasion was rejected, yet energy toward the battle happening has "turned somewhat of a corner here," as per Helwani.

Conor McGregor is almost three years eliminated from a grim leg injury.

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"The energies couldn't be any more not the same as Sunday and Monday," Helwani said. "The energy couldn't be any more noteworthy; it's such a ton higher now; there is incredible hopefulness that all frameworks are a go."

The UFC appeared to be scrambling following the public interview dropping, as Helwani covered Monday that it had "sent sensors" out to different warriors who might actually move forward as a substitution.

"My response is indeed, as of this moment," Helwani added in regards to whether the battle will occur. "That is as of 1:16 p.m. ET, this is all creating, this is all liquid, however this is the update at the present time. This is the very thing I'm hearing and what I feel certain revealing."

Helwani avoided making sense of why the public interview was dropped regardless, adding that the data will remain in private for the present however that "there might be a period down the line to examine it."

"I figure everybody can chill. I don't have the foggiest idea why there haven't been a lot of updates [from the promotion] however that is not on me," Helwani closes. "We're discussing a battle that hit somewhat of a barrier, that the road obstruction has been minute… S-t occurs in the development to a battle. There isn't generally a public interview of this extent planned four or so weeks into a battle. There is a justification for why they would have rather not had it; there is an explanation they would have rather not gone out before that many individuals on the planet right that public interviews would be seen by a huge number of individuals. That's what they'll address."

The battle is basic for McGregor, who has one battle left on his UFC bargain after this one, as he endeavors to rethink what will probably end up a monstrous expansion for the prizefighter.

Michael Chandler hasn't battled since Nov. 2022 while sitting tight for Conor McGregor.

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Fans across the battle sports world promptly speculated that McGregor, who was seen partaking in a wild evening celebrating in Dublin on May 27, had either a positive medication test or was just long gone.

Helwani repeated there were no medication test issues or outside-the-octagon issues for McGregor that prompted the question and answer session getting canceled.

McGregor referenced that he was not drinking any liquor in that frame of mind up to the battle, however, and was not seen drinking any in the viral recordings.

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