The Attendant's Twin Idea Falters In Its Presentation

 The Attendant's Twin Idea Falters In Its Presentation

While The Helper is surveying all around ok, on par with Ahsoka, maybe, however not exactly as well as The Mandalorian and Andor, I left away from the episode not actually loving the whole focal reason.

This isn't a spoiler, as both a late television spot and a meeting with the star herself affirmed this before the show even emerged, that Amandla Stenberg plays force-controlled twins on the show. This is the very thing that she told The Electric Jungle gym:

I… could do without it up to this point. I don't think it functioned admirably in the initial two episodes, and I don't know how I feel about how it appears as though it will play out proceeding, yet I guess I need to allow it all the more an opportunity.

There are a couple of issues with this. The show attempts to pull a "gotcha" in the principal episode by having Mae tail and kill a Jedi (Carrie-Anne Greenery, who should be in certain flashbacks in case she not be completely squandered). Then, we see a lively, extremely not-executioner appearing Osha in the following scene, who is captured for the wrongdoing and everybody rapidly figures out that a twin sister she believed was dead is as a matter of fact alive, and presently hunting Jedi. It seems like sort of a shameful move of an opening.

I likewise trust the story isn't making a straight line toward precisely where I believe it's going, to be specific:

The four Jedi being followed, including her old expert, have a few obligation regarding the fire that killed their family and isolated the two young ladies. Or potentially they deliberately passed on Mae to bite the dust, thinking she was shrewd for lighting the fire, while saving her sister.

Osha in the long run persuades Mae to abandon the clouded side so they can be sisters once more (particularly since such a great deal this is apparently retribution for a sister she presently knows is alive?).

Once more, it's only two episodes, however I improve from here, as I was not in adoration with the twofold debut, and the twin thing feels grinding and compelled to me. Be that as it may, we'll find out how it turns out.



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